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Online Safety and Security are a continuous concern for IT Service providers such as us. We come into contact with victims of scams, viruses and malware all the time. Threats are almost impossible to avoid but vigilance and caution will help you to avoid becoming a victim.

All internet users must understand the potential threats online. Your data is not always safe because of Malicious Software. Malicious Software (aka Malware) is designed to gain access to your computer without your knowledge with the intent to damage, steal data and your identity or gain access to your credit card and banking information. Malware comes in many different forms and is becoming more difficult to avoid.

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Spear phishing is an email spoofing fraud attempt that targets a specific organisation, seeking unauthorised access to confidential data. Spear phishing attempts are not typically initiated by ‘random hackers’ but are more likely to be conducted by perpetrators out for financial gain, trade secrets or military information.

We’ve seen a big increase in the number of attempted email scam recently. This has been particularly true of emails that start with a seemingly legitimate and convincing email. We have been working with providers on a range of technical updates to our spam filtering system which will enhance our detection capabilities on the Zimbra platform.

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Password security is repeated concern as we see news story after news story about information hacks. We outline in this article the best ways of making it difficult to fall victim to a Brute force attack and strategies for creating strong passwords.

Creating a password can be a frustrating task, especially when you’re constantly reminded that you must use a unique, hard to guess, random password for each service. Not only that, but you are expected to memorise it too!

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Windows 10 mail is the included mail client released with the new operating system from Microsoft. This brief guide provides a tutorial on how to set up your email account in Mail for your account hosted by TST.

If you have an email account with TST hosting you already know you can check your email through our WebMail. And you may know you can set up your computer to download emails using IMAP or POP.

With practically everyone taking advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10, it’s only natural that people are also taking advantage of Windows Mail, the built-in email application that lets you download emails from multiple accounts onto your computer.

Along with letting you choose a background image just for the app and putting new messages in your Action Centre, you can set up your TST email accounts in your Mail by entering in just a few details.

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Google updated their algorithm on 20th April 2015 to improve the ranking of websites that are a mobile friendly website. Conversely, websites that are not mobile friendly are demoted in the rankings.

If you have a website that is not responsive, and not mobile friendly, the only option may appear to be a complete website redesign. This is not necessarily the case as we have a mobile website builder. From only £60+VAT per year you can create a mobile version of your website with an easy-to-use interface that provides great results.

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Data security and backup is a constant concern for many small business owners. Most businesses are built on their data and rely heavily on their IT and the loss of this data would be a disaster. Our simple to use, low cost, offsite, secure backup system provides peace of mind.

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From the 14th July 2015 Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 is no longer supported. In practical terms, this means no more support, no more patches and no more security updates.

To put this in perspective, there were 37 updates in 2013 alone. With no more updates and patches, continuing to run a 2003 Server environment will mean a less stable and less secure network. Payment systems such as Paypal, Visa and Mastercard will no longer support Sever 2003 from the end of support date.

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Our DataDrop CloudSync service is an alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive with local support and service

With DataDrop you can share one or more folders on your PC, and sync them with your DataDrop server. Place files in your local shared directories, and those files are immediately synced to the server, and then to other PCs via the desktop client. Not near a desktop client? No problem, simply log in with the web client and manage your files there. The Android mobile apps allow you to browse, download and upload photos and videos. On Android, you may also create, download, edit and upload any other files, with the correct software installed.

Whether using a mobile device, a workstation, or a web client, DataDrop provides the ability to put the right files in the right hands at the right time on any device in one simple-to-use, secure, private and controlled solution. After all, with DataDrop, it’s Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way.

You can connect to DataDrop with your web browser by pointing it to the address that you have received from your service provider.

Login with the user name and password that you were provided with at

We offer storage sizes to suite all from 1Gb to 100Gb for a small annual fee. See more here or call (01244) 457870 for more details.


We have seen a rise in the number of computer support scam calls recently. The call comes in from people who claim to be calling from “Windows” about errors that they have detected on your PC. The claim continues that they can fix your PC by remote access.

Their charges range from £140 to £240 but we have seen cases where they took the card details from an unsuspecting couple and charged over £600. Once they have remote access to your PC, they either copy all of your data (to use to bribe you or get your bank details), install key logging software (which they use to get bank details) or install Malware.

  • If you have issues with your PC, you should call a local Computer Support company – someone who has an office or premises that you can arrive at if necessary.
  • Never accept help from anyone that calls you.
  • If you receive a call from someone claiming that they are from “Windows” calling about your PC, put the phone down.
  • Most PC problems relating to Malware or viruses can be resolved for less than £50

If you need help with a PC issue, contact TST on (01244) 457870 for a no obligation chat.