Flipbook Design

Welcome to our brand new flipbook design service. TST can create fantastic flip books from Word, Powerpoint and PDF files, for you or your clients.

Our flipbooks can be hosted on our own servers and linked to your website, or we can give you some code to embed the flipbook directly into your website. Just look at some of the features and demo below:

Free and unlimited upload

TST will convert your document to an interactive online publication in just a few minutes. This will  enable your readers to enjoy your content in a web browser without any download or installation.

Perfect display quality

We offer your readers the best display quality available, without any quality loss when zooming or printing.

Secure and reliable hosting

We will host your content using Amazon’s reliable technology. No need to bother with hosting servers or technical setups.

All document formats supported

We support all the major document formats: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, RTF, Word Perfect and more (PDF, DOC, PPT, ODT, WPD, SXW, RTF, ODP, SXI).

Complete integration

Get the full TST functionality on your own webpage, by integrating our standalone viewer directly in your own layout. You keep readers on your own site and keep your own web address (URL).

Mobile for Android

Reach new audiences and offer a unique benefit to your readers. Our EasyRead technology will enhance your publications for mobile screens. Readers can subscribe and get notified of new editions on the go.

Organise and control your files

Easily manage large volumes of uploaded documents with our file manager application, My Library: Create folders, edit, move and delete documents with ease.

Detailed statistics

Get statistical insight about your readers. See how many views, bookmarks, ratings, comments, links. you receive – and where in the world your readers live.

Social networks integration

Make your content available for user-driven distribution via blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Reddit etc. You remain in control but still increase your exposure significantly.

News feed (RSS)

We provide you with your very own news feed (RSS) that tells people when you publish something. It’s an easy way to automatically notify your subscribing readers.


Get quick reader feedback on Issuu.com and see how your publications are received by letting readers rate your document.

Subscription system

This allows Issuu members to subscribe to you. Once subscribed, they will receive an email when ever you publish something.

Friend recommendations

Once a reader bookmarks your publication, it will automatically be shared with their friends in their individual library. This way, your readers automatically help spread your content.


To guarantee that this is a child-safe environment, we have provided TST flipbbok members with an explicit filter that screens inappropriate content uploaded.

Design and usability

We bring you the best looking and easiest-to-use online viewer. Not only will your publication look astonishing, but your readers will be provided with easy and intuitive navigation.

Fullscreen mode

Let readers enlarge your publications to fill the entire screen. It cuts out unnecessary distractions and gives the ultimate reading experience.

Search engine optimisation

We make your content available and high-ranked on all major search engines, so new readers can discover your publications.


Place an interactive mini-version of the viewer on your site or blog (simply paste a small snippet of code). Readers can click to enlarge to full-size.

Protect your content

Stay in control of your content: Allow people to read your publications online without making your files vulnerable to unauthorized duplication and redistribution.

Display company information

Increase awareness of your company with your individual ‘newsstand’. Provide new and existing readers with links to your website and information about your company.


Get valuable feedback and engage in dialogue with your readers by empowering them to comment on your content or profile.


Provide your readers with an easy way of remembering your publications. When someone bookmarks your publications it gives you additional exposure on their profile.

Email notifications

Get notified when someone interacts with your content. See what readers think about your content and what they do with it.

Have a look at our demo below: