Secure Data Backup

Company data is important but storing data on a computer or external hard drive makes it vulnerable.  Data is frequently lost due to disk failure, theft or virus attacks – Data could be lost or erased instantly.

TST backs up data securely, daily and stores offsite (in the UK), ready for disaster recovery.

TST Data Backup is easy to use, reliable and secure.  Backup as many computers as you need to, including file servers.  The backup works with Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS and Novell Netware.  On a Windows server, backup MS Exchange mailboxes as well as any other types of data that is stored.

GDPR Compliant

TST secure offsite backup is GDPR compliant. Data is backed up to the cloud so can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere (with an Internet connection).  A secure login protects data from uninvited access.  Data is encrypted in transfer and stored as encrypted data. The cloud servers are based in the UK in a secure and protected data centre.

Automated Backup

An agent is installed onto the fileserver or desktop computer. The software is used to configure the backup as well as initiating backups and restores.  Backup software is included in the low monthly price and will not require a paid for update at any time.  This flexible cloud based backup can be configured to run the backup automatically at scheduled times. As long as the computer is powered up, the backup will run, then send an email to say that it completed successfully.

Easy to use

TST will help set the backup routine up and configure it exactly as required.  The service is  monitored to make sure that the backups are completing successfully. The backup service is simple, easy to use and reliable. Backup routines can be set up to run automatically in a matter of minutes and then left to do its work.

The Backup Knowledgebase page has lots of useful guides and information to help. TST are always here to provide assistance, advice and support.

Easy to Restore

Our backup client software makes it easy to add files to the backup, remove items from the backup and restore items – either to a new location or their original location.

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Secure your business critical data today.