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Zimbra Collaboration Suite is commonly called the “next generation Outlook and Exchange” and is used in over 90 countries with over 55 million paid users.

Zimbra, in simple terms, provides access to your email, calendar, documents and task lists from any device and anywhere that you have Internet access.  For today’s business environment it can provide a real boost to productivity. Starting at £3.65 per user per month it is a low cost alternative to paying upfront for your own fileserver.

Zimbra works with Safari/Windows and Chrome/Mac but Outlook does not.  There is no feature parity for Outlook/Mac.  Zimbra has rich web & offline client across multiple platforms.

Zimbra’s hosted solution offers significant savings over the Exchange equivalent.  As Zimbra is based on Open Sourced software it provides much greater flexibility.  The Zimlets provide the ability to integrate with other systems (such as Salesforce).

If you are interested in a Zimbra hosted solution, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have (01244) 457870.

Windows 8 was launched to much fanfare at the end of October but the big question is “Is it an improvement?”.  For most users, familiarity is an important factor, particularly in business.

They want to switch on their computer and get to work, rather than go through a painful learning exercise….and this is the negative of Windows 8.  It is the biggest change in the operating systems 17 year history and gone are a lot of those features that we are so familiar with.  No traditional desktop, no ‘Start’ button or Control panel.

On the plus side Windows 8 has a lot going for it.  The new ‘Modern User Interface’ is made up of tiles and these will be familiar to anyone who has a tablet device.  It is the new and fresh look of modern computing.  They are more intuitive and gone are the clunky windows with their scroll, open and close features.  You can switch to a Windows 7 like environment by selecting the ‘Desktop’ tile but even this has no ‘Start’ button.

To access your applications, you can choose them from the tiles on the ‘Start screen’ or use the ‘Charms’ over on the right to search for them.  Once you are through the learning experience using Windows 8 will become as familiar as your old desktop and seem a more natural way of operating.

Windows Vista received a lot of bad press and reviews, which caused a significant number of users to stick with XP.  With support of XP ending soon and new devices and software being designed for Windows 7 forwards, the time to change for XP users is fast approaching.

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Solicitors Chester

solicitors chester

Woods Solicitors Chester are experience personal injurysolicitors that specialise in industrial injury and industrial disease claims.  This is a subject that needs compassion and sensitivity.  Woods Solicitors asked us to design a website that conveyed their professional and sensitive approach to handling their clients cases.  Although they are Chester Solicitors, they operate nationally and internationally.

Steve Woods has over 25 years experience in dealing with industrial disease claims.  Their offices are located at 10 Nicholas Street, Chester, Cheshire.

Despite the rule changes from April 2013, Woods Solicitors Chester, will continue to deal with claims on a no win no fee basis. This means that whether your claim is successful, the advice you receive will cost you nothing.

Ex-pat Industrial Disease Claims

Woods Solicitors have provided their services to ex-pats and have set up a page on their website about their services to UK citizens overseas.The page was set up in response to requests from expatriates about their services, particularly with regard to asbestos related conditions.

The website provides useful information about work related conditions as well as how to progress a claim. Providing a site that conveyed useful information to site visitors was the focus of this project and a goal that we feel that we achieved well.

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