Are you sleeping soundly?

Data security and backup is a constant concern for many small business owners. Most businesses are built on their data and rely heavily on their IT and the loss of this data would be a disaster. Our simple to use, low cost, offsite, secure backup system provides peace of mind.


Scheduled backups can be run automatically whenever you need them monthly, weekly, daily or more often. You can backup as many devices as you need at no extra cost. Your encrypted data is backed up to a cloud server and is accessible via the secure login from any device. Once logged in your can restore, download or view your data.

There are no limits on the number of backups that you can perform or how many can be run concurrently. Our software supports multiple operating systems. A user can backup their Windows, Mac, Linux or Novell systems without additional costs. It can even backup your virtual machines and MS Exchange store!

The software is flexible enough that it can create local backups too. You can have the same data backed up locally or a different data set. Both types of backup can be run as a one time or scheduled backup and multiple copies can be created as needed. Running incremental backups uploads only changed files making the process efficient and less time consuming.

When a backup has been run, you can receive an email report that provides a summary of what was backed up straight to your inbox.

We have the storage that you need. Starting at 25Gb, we can provide as much disk space as you need. Usage is billed monthly, on the 1st of the month in advance. To set up your backup account and get a good nights sleep, call us on (01244) 457870.