Cloud Services

We provide the best range of cloud services to support small to medium sized businesses and organisations. Our proven cloud delivers office and business application that are agile and resilient with dedicated service and support.

These services can be used to provide members of your business with the flexibility to operate from any location. Our ready-to-go cloud packages are designed to meet your security, compliance and performance needs. With great performance and access anywhere, our cloud solutions increase productivity whilst offering flexibility.

Our services can also be part of your disaster recovery plan. You longer need to worry about IT failures, disk crashes or other disasters that can stop your business from functioning. With our cloud solutions it is as easy to work in one place as another.

For further detail on our cloud services, please see the dedicated service page for:

Secure data backup – Backup your critical data in a secure and reliable way. Automatic routines backup your data without you having to worry about it. Data is encrypted in transport as well as in situ so that it is secure. Receive daily reports to let you what has been backed up. Login to see your data on the secure cloud server. Fast and efficient data restore to let you get on with your business without delay.

Email marketing – Template driven, easy to create, communication with your audience. The easy-to-use wizard makes it quick and simple to create your stunning emails. Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe facility makes sure you are not identified as a spammer and makes it easy to manage your client lists. Detailed, live reporting helps inform you of what content works. Add a subscription to your website or social media to increase your audience. Communication made easy and at a low cost with our email marketing service.

Zimbra business email – Synchronise your world with cloud based business email services. Access your email anywhere and on anything – via your preferred email client; Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail, webmail – via any device; iPhone, Android Phone, PC, laptop, tablet. File an email on your phone – it’s filed on your PC, add a calendar appointment on your PC – it’s added to your phone, upload a file on your laptop – it’s on your PC. Continuous syncing makes all your devices work together. Advanced virus, spam and phishing removal mean that you can focus on your work. Collaboration with colleagues has never been easier with calendar, folders and mail sharing.

VoIP telephony – provide key business functionality to multiple users with out hosted VoIP solution. Hunt groups, music on hold, call queueing, extension level dialling, call transferring are just a few of the features that are standard. Low-cost line rental and calls make VoIP the best choice for business telephony. Control your own call redirection with login access to your control portal.

CloudSync – our cloudsync file service provides a practical, low-cost solution to some of today’s IT frustrations. Using our easy-to-use file share, you don’t need to try to send bulky files via email – just send a link to the file. The recipient will have access to only the file (or folder) that you provide in the link – you can password protect it and set an expiry date for extra security. Access your own files from any device by adding the sync software – when you add the file to a folder on one device, it will automatically appear on another device. Version control allows you to step back to previous versions of a document and the undelete facility can take the stress out of making mistakes.