TST are experienced at delivering telephony solutions.  Whether it is for small or medium size businesses we have the experience and expertise to deliver a solution for you.  From standard PSTN phone lines to fully featured VoIP systems we can provide what you need.  See the tabs below for further details or call (01244) 457870 for more information.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP moves your investment in telephone from CapEx to an OpEx model. Hosted VoIP is significantly cheaper than conventional telephony; you don’t need on-site Private Branch Exchange (PBX) equipment, saving space, power and equipment costs; the telephone handsets are usually cheaper and call rates are often cheaper too.

Hosted VoIP solutions are also much more flexible than a traditional hardware PBX because they are driven through on-line portals. This means changes you make have an immediate effect and are much simpler to implement.

Unlike proprietary systems, there is no lock-in to handset hardware, you can select the options that are right for your needs.

The beauty of a hosted solution is that it scales with your business. It is easy to integrate home workers with the rest of your team. You can also enjoy the peace of mind of being supported 24/7 by a UK-based technical support team.

For further information please see our product data sheet:

VoIP Product Information

Fixed Lines

TST can transfer, newly connect and reconfigure PSTN and ISDN lines. While BT will provide, repair and maintain these lines (with all communication surrounding these activities going through TST), TST will provide you with billing for line & services rental, second line support for fault & order handling.

Why use TST?
The choice of telephony provider can make a big difference and it is important for most businesses to be able to contact their provider easily. In most cases a local telephony provider offers several advantages:

  • The exclusion of BT from the process – we handle all contact with BT
  • We provide free onsite report for fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Lower call and line rental costs
  • No call centres or call queues – you speak to us directly
  • Decrease CPS rejection levels (postcode and CLI mismatch)

Fax services

TST provide a fax service that converts received faxes into a pdf that is emailed directly to your Inbox.  This service allows you to send and receive faxes without having a fax machine.  It has the following service features:

  • Multiple recipients: send the same fax to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Choose your own number – with over 9 million number to choose from
  • No engaged tones – you can choose to receive simultaneous faxes
  • Number for life – a member of staff can keep the same number for life regardless of physical location
  • Data Security – It is easy to backup and store received faxes.  Faxes won’t be picked up by the wrong member of staff

For a low annual subscription you can receive faxes straight to your inbox with no additional costs.  To send faxes, you can purchase fax credits that are charged based on the number of faxes you wish to send.

Call (01244) 457870 to find out more.