Premium hosting

Our new premium hosting package provides several advantages.  The main advantage is its speed.  For most websites it is five times faster at page loading that websites on the shared hosting platform. In an age when page load speed is a major factor when it comes to search engine results ranking, this is an important consideration.

The reason for the increase in speed is because our premium hosting has more resource than the shared platform. Not only does it have more resource but it is also shared out amongst fewer websites. For most brochure sites this doesn’t have much impact but for websites that want to give customers a better than average experience, it is vital that site performance is fast.  Most eCommerce websites want to be able to deliver up pages at high speed to hold visitor attention and make it easy for the customer to make a purchase.

As the number of websites increase on the premium server we will also increase the resources of the server to make sure performance of all websites are at their best.

In this age of data protection, security can be an important consideration. Although the security on our shared platform is excellent, there is more chance of a hack or data breach occurring than on our premium hosting.  This isn’t because of any lapse or lack of effort but the fact that another website on the shared platform may have outdated (and unsecured) plugins, themes or software versions. When software is outdated, it means it has more vulnerabilities. The chances of this happening on the premium server is significantly reduced.

As with most services, there is a trade off between cost, performance and security.  Our shared hosting platform is £125+VAT per year compared to our premium hosting which is £300+VAT  per year.  We also include our premium hosting in our SEO and WordPress maintenance packages which are paid monthly.  If you want to improve your website performance and security, get in touch by calling 01244 457870.