Website Protection

Website Protection

website protectionWebsites can be hacked to remove your website completely, to take it offline or to inject it with malicious code.  When a website goes offline, it can have serious implications for your business, especially if your site isn’t backed up.  If your site is injected with malicious code your site visitors are susceptible to a virus attack – again, not good for business or your reputation.

Firewalls, anti-spam, web access filtering and antivirus are not enough to fully protect a website.  Hackers are experts in finding exploits on websites and using them to gain access. We can provide protection again these threats with our StopTheHacker protection service.

As a minimum you should backup your website regularly, particularly if you update it frequently.  You should keep a backup copy of your site so that you can upload it should your site get hacked. We can provide this service for you for a small monthly charge.  For both website management services and StopTheHacker protection, your website must be hosted by TST.

If your website is vital to your business you should consider our StopTheHacker service. StopTheHacker provides the following for your website:

  • Detect malware that Antiviruses miss
  • Automatic Cleanup
  • Blacklist & Reputation Monitoring
  • Find security vulnerabilities
  • No Installation needed
  • Protect your business and revenue stream

All for only £12.99+VAT per month.  Call on (01244) 457870 to have this service enabled on your website.


Protect your website and visitors with SiteGuard. Key features:

  • Daily scans of your entire website
  • Check if your site is Blacklisted on Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Check if site is infected by known viruses
  • Check if site is infected by know web malware

All for only £4.99 +VAT per month.